How to optimize your health during the mamihood years

Mamihood Course

How to optimize your health during the mamihood years

People ask us everyday:

  • Why am I so effing tired all the time?
  • I know I should feel happier than I am...what’s wrong with me?
  • Why don’t I have any energy?
  • My labs from my annual physical came back ‘normal’ why don’t I feel normal?
  • I am so confused about food and nutrition...what should I eat to look and feel my best?
  • Why do people dismiss my concerns as stress-related when I feel there is something else going on?
  • What can I do to be the healthiest mom for my kids?
  • How can I take care of myself when I feel so overwhelmed?
  • Can supplements really help me feel like myself again...and which ones should I be taking?



We Understand...

You thought you’d be feeling like yourself by now, but you’re not.

We’ve been there (more than once) and we know how you feel.

As doctors and mothers, we recognize the lack of education and support given to women during the postpartum period and throughout motherhood.

The truth is, most women experience health challenges well after the designated 6-8 weeks “postpartum recovery”.

Which is why more and more women are seeking solutions to common mamihood health issues from a trusted source.

Yet, there is a mountain of information (and misinformation) to sift through online…and ain’t no mama got time for that! You deserve better, we all deserve better.

We Got You…

We created Hey Mami because we were tired of the lack of education and resources available to women throughout the spectrum of motherhood. 

Women deserve to be heard and to be taken seriously. And we can help.

It’s hard enough to try and figure out your own weird health issues when you have a family to raise—which is why so many women wind up putting their pain on the backburner.

And as clinicians, we’ve worked with thousands of women just like you—women who want to improve their health so they can have a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life.

The days of motherhood are long but the years are short…and we’re here to help you make the most of this precious time.

We know that not everyone can work with us one-on-one, so we collaborated to bring you this course. And the only thing better than one awesome doctor is…two.

Why Take This Course When You're
Already So Flippin' Busy?

This course is based on the very real work that we do with women in our functional medicine practices every day.

We’ll share the very same information we share with our patients.

It’s everything you need to know, including the real plans and protocols that get results.

Plus, this course will empower you with the information you need to take charge of your health, so you can have more productive conversations with your healthcare provider.

In other words: you’ll get everything you need to start reclaiming your health, improve your doctor-patient relationship (or find a doctor who can truly help you), and live your best life (at last!).

And it’s designed especially for busy moms who need to get sh%t done; streamlined information, actionable tips and tools, practical advice, step-by-step instructions, and everything on-demand.

Imagine Yourself Saying...

  • I finally feel like my old self again...only better.
  • I feel back in control of my whole health.
  • I’ve got my self-care plan down (and I don’t feel guilty about it).
  • I feel confident conversing with my doctor about my health care options.
  • I finally know what to eat, which supplements to take, how to exercise, and how to fit it all into my crazy-ass schedule.
  • I wake up feeling rested and excited to start my day.
  • I love being a mom.
  • I’m setting a good example for my children by taking care of ME too.
  • I know when to ask for more help!


Introducing the #1 course to help health conscious women take charge of their health throughout motherhood (and beyond). 

The Hey Mami online Mamihood Course contains all the latest science-based information, research, tips, tools, and support you need to regain control of your health so you can rock motherhood.

Labs! Specifically, which labs give women a detailed picture of their current state of health, deficiencies, health trends, etc.
What foods to eat to support your unique nutritional needs (and how your genetics can influence this)
What specific supplements to take and why (including the best forms of nutrients and trusted brands)
Why gut health is so important to women, and how to support your microbiome
What optimal thyroid function should look like (and why so many thyroid conditions are misdiagnosed)
The myths and facts about women’s hormones and hormonal balancing
How to avoid major hormonal-disrupting toxins in your home, workplace, etc.
Super helpful mom-hacks for getting it all done (healthy meals, self care, exercise, shopping, etc.)
How to create a self-care plan you can stick with that will nourish your soul while preventing dozens of stress-related ailments

Your time as a mother is precious!! Do you really want to spend it late-night searching Google for questionable answers about your health?

Of course not! So let’s use this precious time to take care of your family’s most valuable asset: YOU.


Inside you’ll find 12 modules you can work through at your own pace…consume them all in a weekend or take a few months, it’s up to you. 

Each module is designed to walk you through a step-by-step plan to reclaim your health and create a lifetime of well-being…through mamihood and beyond.

There is no doubt that motherhood can be the best job in the world…but let’s not pretend it’s an easy one. Women who become mothers are often challenged with a change in identity; and things get even tougher when you struggle with your health. In other words: it’s hard to mother when you feel like sh!t.

This module will set the foundation for the rest of the course by helping you make a commitment to take care of yourself. We’ll cover:

  • The unique health, cultural, and emotional challenges facing 21st century mothers
  • How a lack of postpartum support leads to future health issues 
  • How to get the most from this course

Motherhood means being responsible for other human(s) nearly 24/7…which is why most mamis put themselves dead last. This module will teach you how (and why) to prioritize self care, including:

  • Mindset reset: why self care is essential and NOT selfish…even when your baby, kids, husband, dog, neighbor’s kids, neighbor’s dog, church, mother-in-law, etc. need you
  • An in-depth look at how chronic stress contributes to nearly every physical, mental, and emotional disease (and how self-care can help prevent all that)
  • Tools to craft an individual self care regime you can stick with, no matter how busy and chaotic life gets
  • And how to get over the guilt-factor and start truly enjoying your me-time TODAY

Being a mom is like running a really, really, long marathon…only tougher! Which is why it’s quite common to become deficient in key nutrients along the way. In this module you’ll learn:

  • All about Prenatal Depletion, a real, prevalent condition affecting millions of new and seasoned mothers
  • The most common (but least talked about) nutrient deficiencies women experience during childbearing years
  • What labs detect these deficiencies, and the critical difference between “normal” and “optimal” levels
  • Plus, key nutrients to focus on for healthy hormonal balance, thyroid function, mommy brain, sleep, stress, and much more

Can we let you in on a little secret? There is no “perfect” diet for everyone…and that’s what this lesson is all about. Here you’ll get empowered with the knowledge you need to abandon trendy diets for good, and focus on enjoying the best nutrient-dense and delicious foods for your body, mind, and genetics. Plus:


  • Why a “healthy diet” is not a one-size-fits-all, and how to figure out your optimal nutrition plan
  • The truth about food sensitivities, and how to tell if you have one
  • How to get healthy food on the table as a busy mami
  • Plus a deep dive into Nutrigenomics (how your genes can influence the best foods for you)

Knowing which supplements to take can be as confusing as knowing what to eat. In this module, we’ll cut through the industry hype and give you a roadmap to choosing the safest and most effective supplements, including:

  • Which nutrients are foundational for health yet not easy to obtain from food alone
  • What to look for in a quality supplement (and which brands we recommend in our practices)

Specific micronutrients and forms of nutrients to look for in quality formulas

Lab panels can provide a rich source of information about your current state of health. However, most women aren’t aware of which lab panels are available (and most important) to maintaining optimal health during motherhood. In this lesson you’ll learn:


  • Details about the basic labs offered by most healthcare providers
  • Which advanced lab panels we recommend to test for nutrients, thyroid, adrenals, hormones, and more (and why it’s your right to request them)

And what to do if your lab results come back “normal”, but you still don’t feel normal

Most women pay at least some attention to diet and exercise when it comes to health. However, very few of us know about the shocking role environmental toxins play in chronic disease. This is especially important for women due to the hormonal effects of these insidious poisons—many of which are found in the average American household! In this module you’ll learn: 

  • Easy strategies for identifying and avoiding the most common environmental toxins
  • How to swap out harmful chemical-based products for safe, eco-friendly alternatives
  • Crucial tips for protecting your children from indoor air pollutants that can hamper their development
  • How to create a clean beauty routine (without breaking the bank)
  • And much more on creating a safer, healthier home haven

Your digestive health sets the foundation for so many aspects of well-being, from nutrient absorption, to sleep, weight, immunity, and even your mood. This lesson will cover all essential areas of developing a healthy gut microbiome, including:

  • The signs and symptoms of gut health issues—from gas and bloating to depression and autoimmunity
  • Why women are more prone to gut health problems after giving birth
  • Common gut infections hardly anyone talks about including: Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO), Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Yeast overgrowth (aka: Candida), and how to prevent and overcome them

You would not believe how many mothers are plagued by subclinical, undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed thyroid conditions. Much of this is due to the fact that pregnancy and birth put your body at higher risk. Add in a lack of understanding about symptoms and proper diagnostics in the medical field…and you’ve got yourself a perfect storm. But have no fear! In this module you’ll learn all about your thyroid, including:

  • Why most thyroid issues are missed on traditional lab tests (and how to avoid that)
  • The different types of thyroid issues, their symptoms, and a look at all your treatment options (natural and pharmaceutical)
  • How to start healing your thyroid and prevent future issues

The term “hormone imbalance” has become a bit of a scapegoat-diagnosis for nearly any unexplainable ailment afflicting women. However, what exactly is a hormonal imbalance? What causes them? Which hormones are affected? And, can hormones ever truly be rebalanced…and stay that way? We’ll answer all those questions, and more as we dish about hormones, including: 

  • How to spot common hormonal imbalances, like estrogen dominance and low progesterone, and less known hormonal imbalances like low thyroid function and HPA axis dysfunction
  • Key steps to regulating your menstrual cycle 
  • How to get your sex drive back in high gear…no matter how long it’s been since you gave birth
  • Why most hormonal lab panels SUCK…and what to ask for instead

If you’ve ever been curious about how integrative or functional medicine works this module is for you! Here you’ll get an insider look at how we approach common health issues in our functional medicine practices. We’ll touch on concerns such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Hair Loss
  • Brain Fog
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Bloating and IBS
  • Food Sensitivities and Cravings
  • Weight Loss Resistance 
  • Autoimmunity
  • And more!

Overcoming a stubborn health issue is a HUGE deal (especially as a busy mom!), which is why we want to ensure you can maintain your health for the long haul. This final lesson brings the whole course together as we look at how lifestyle habits can help you THRIVE throughout motherhood and beyond. Here you’ll learn:


  • Tips for getting the best quality sleep
  • The best ways to keep stress at bay…every day
  • Tools for attracting and maintaining healthy relationships
  • How to maintain a growth-oriented mindset, no matter how crazy life gets
  • The best exercises to maintain your weight and nourish your spirit
  • How to get back-on-the-wagon when you fall off (it happen to all of us)
  • And many more tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle

You’ll Also Get...

In addition to lifetime access to the 12 video modules, you’ll also get…

  • Comprehensive questionnaires to help you track and better understand your current state of health
  • Worksheets to organize your thoughts and questions to bring with you to your healthcare provider
  • Quick Reference Guides to keep things simple and help keep you on track
  • Step-by-step instructions on achieving better fertility and a healthier pregnancy

Questions? Check Out Our FAQ's

This Hey Mami course is a self-paced online program consisting of 12 modules, which means you can take your time or binge watch as you please!

Anticipate about 30 minutes per module, between video lessons, worksheets and questionnaires. Totally doable.

This is a 12-week program, however, you will have access to the materials for the life of the course so you can refer back to it anytime.

If you haven’t yet read our Definitive Guide to Mamihood you should! It’s got loads of juicy content on the common health challenges facing mothers. But this course will give you live video lessons with the doctors behind Hey Mami, and provides a deeper dive into mastering your health throughout the spectrum of mamihood (and beyond). Think of the Definitive Guide as your primer as this as your Master Class!

While it’s impossible for us to know what you already know – we think the answer is YES! As functional medicine physicians, our perspective on women’s health in motherhood is unlike most doctors’ or mommy-bloggers, respectfully. For example, we acknowledge that the body is an interconnected system that works together on all levels. We understand that creating health means more than just getting a once-a-year physical, exercising now and then, and eating a low-sugar diet. And when the body experiences dysfunction or disease, we don’t just look at how to minimize symptoms, we look for the reason why. We’re also intimately familiar with how pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and the spectrum of motherhood can impact a woman’s health; which means you’ll find some life-changing, a-ha information here you’ve not heard elsewhere.

Absolutely not! This is educational content aimed to empower and inform so you can have more productive conversations with your healthcare team.

    1. Hell no!  We are doctors…but we are not your doctors, and this course does not establish a physician-patient relationship. We are here to educate and inform you so that you can rock mamihood…but we want you to see your doctor and follow their advice.

However, if you are looking for a more individualized functional medicine consultation, and want to work with Dr. Carrasco or Dr. Maren one-on-one, you can visit their clinical practices’ websites (which are not affiliated with Hey Mami) at and

We’ll venture to say no. It’s taken us decades of medical training, postgraduate education, years of missed sleep, thousands of hours of research, specialized training in functional medicine…and lots of life experience to bring this kind of knowledge to you. Also, Google is a crazy and sometimes scary rabbithole that’s best avoided if getting healthy is the goal.

This course is deeply rooted in scientific research, but we also bring something really special to the table – we are both board-certified physicians with a passion for supporting women’s health during motherhood (and beyond), we’ve worked with thousands of patients, and we are also experienced moms.

No refunds, this course is a final sale. Why? Because we give you all of the content all at one so you can binge watch all day long. We know you have a timeline, and that some of you need this content ASAP while others can take their time. Unfortunately that means no refunds.

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions that we didn’t answer here, drop us a line at our Contact page.

The days of motherhood are long, but the time is very short...why waste another minute of it feeling tired, achey, sad, burned out, or just plain crappy?

This course was built for YOU, mami, and we’re eager to support you as you rediscover your best and healthiest self.

Get on the waitlist today and we’ll see you soon!

Mamihood Course

How to optimize your health during the mamihood years

About Alejandra Carrasco, M.D.
and Christine Maren, D.O.

We are doctors Alejandra Carrasco M.D. and Christine Maren D.O. We’re board-certified through the American Board of Family Medicine, and certified in functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine. We’re on a mission to support women as they navigate mamihood—from preconception through pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. As mamis of 3 (each!), we got you.

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